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Metamindz – English Intervention

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MetaMindz – World Class Learning in Math and English

Regardless of academic level, any child can benefit from enrichment in the two most critical school subjects; Math and English. MetaMindz offers afterschool academic enrichment like no other. If lessons could be custom made to fit your child’s needs, it gets no better than this. Powered by an award-winning program, i-Ready, we identify learning gaps, and bridge them. Before a student begins sessions with us, an adaptive diagnostic test is administered where we get a clear, specific and holistic view of the child’s skill level in each domain of Math and English. With its cutting-edge data driven approach, i-Ready provides remediation to students with learning gaps, and accelerates learning of students who are above-level. Regardless of the academic level of the student, through i-Ready, we know what the next steps are, and provide rigorous, fun, engaging classes to take the student to the next level. Our instructional content is dependent on the diagnostic results of each child.


Although supplemental in nature, this program covers all skills necessary to thrive in any school curriculum. All instructors are qualified educators, with passion for developing young minds. With a computer and face-to-face competent, lessons are kept interesting and dynamic. Our Meta-Star race encourages a healthy competitive environment where students earn stars after each class. At the end of the term, students receive rewards based on the number of stars collected throughout the term. Hard work is acknowledged and rewarded. Positive reinforcement drives our students forward. MetaMindz uses a ‘blended learning’ approach. Technology and traditional methods of teaching are incorporated into each session. Our small classes allow our teachers to connect with students and understand students’ diverse learning styles. We do our best to ensure a fun journey, to create a positive attitude about the two core academic subjects; Math and English. This being the second academic year as the Academy Plus Partner for Enhanced Learning, MetaMindz is excited to empower more students across more GEMS schools.

Contact Details

To register, enroll and make payment for the programme, please do not hesitate to contact us at:
Phone: +971 (0)4 368 5604